Writer Gera Fotich and his novel “Die in Paradise”

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image1Gera Fotich was born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) in 1960.

He graduated from Leningrad Arctic College and after that from the Institute. He is one of the modern prose-writers. He is also a member of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Writers.

In 1980 he won the creative competition announced by Komsomolskaya Pravda and coincided with the 110th death day of V.I. Lenin. From this moment on he was admitted to the Literary Institution and became enamoured of literature.

He was a polar explorer. For a prolonged period he had been working abroad: in Canada, Angola, Peru and other countries.

He also contributed to the newspapers and magazines such as:”Zvezda”(The Star);”Noviy Mir”(The new world);”Druzhba Narodov”(National  cohesion);”Neva”;”Yunost’”(Youth);”Iskatel”(Searcher)and many others. His oeuvre range includes: short novels, stories, penciling and poems.

For 23 years he had been working as a member of Criminal Investigation Police.

In 2009 holding the rank of Colonel he retired from service. Then he moved to the outskirts- 160 km away from Saint-Petersburg.

His first books: short novel “Spasti prezidenta”(To save the President) and novel “Dolg”(The debt) appeared the same year.

In 2010 was published his third book – novel entitled “Seks pod gipnozom”(Sex under hypnosis).

The fourth one named “Generaly peschanyh karer”(Sand pits Generals)also appeared in 2010.

In 2011 came out the fifth book called “Podonok”(The scum)- short novel and several stories.

The 2 act comedy play named “Kazhdiy dolzhen zanimatsya svoim delom?”(Does everybody should mind their own business?)also appeared in 2011.

In 2012 was published the sixth book-novel titled “Sobachya saga” (The dog’s saga).

And in 2013 came out the seventh book- novel called “Umeret v rayu”(To die in paradise).(was included in the long list of I. Bunin literary award).

Gera Fotich is the successor of Russian attic prose.

All his works from the very first pages carry you away in a whirligig of real events, over endowed with intrigues and drama. His books are not for cheap literature lovers, they make you empathize and feel with the characters.

All this is portrayed in the action-packed events, alterability of narration and hurtling movement. Vast life experience along with the “Acuity of vision” obtained over the years allow the author to notice challenging suspense, psychological outburst and vivid excitement in ordinary things.

In his works author touches on the sensuous features of human relationships. Despite the cruelty of some situations he tries to arouse in people souls the most wonderful humane qualities along with thinking of kindness and morality.

E-mail address:Gerafotich@mail.ru

Synopsis of the novel “Umeret v rayu” (To die in paradise)

Published in Saint-Petersburg, 2013. Number of copies-1000 books.

Epigraph: Motherland is not the place you were born in, but people who live in your heart.

Modern times.

The main events take place in USA.

Vasiliy Petrovich is 50. He worked in Ministry of Internal Affairs and now is on retirement benefit. He is arriving at the Chicago airport being abroad for the very first time.

Here in America everything astounds him: human decency and kindness, Americans attentiveness, their perfect roads and glass skyscrapers. He imaginatively compares the seen things with his life in Russia.

He has 10 thousand dollars in his bag and the International Bank card in his wallet with the substantial sum of money received from sale of all his property in Russia. He brought with him only life insurance at amount of 1 million dollars and the testament with his only daughter remembered in it.

He believes he turned out to be in paradise she wrote about. Where he will stay forever…since he doesn’t have much time left!!

It was elucidated that fifteen years ago his daughter, after finishing the medical school and getting the nurse profession made acquaintance with a black citizen of America at a Sailors Hospital. And in defiance of parents expectations headed off to USA.

Since then Vasiliy and his wife had been living alone. At the beginning they received rare letters of her wonderful life and subsequently began sending e-mails.

After retiring from service due to unwellness, Vasiliy underwent a medical examination. Initial diagnostic findings confirmed the medical condition-cancer. It was a heavy strike for his wife when she dropped on to the diagnosis. She died with a cerebral accident. And now the only close relatives Vasiliy has happily and comfortably live in America not far from Chicago. These relatives are his daughter with a husband and two grandchildren. Vasiliy decides to insure his life and after selling all he has leave to USA, so after his death all the raised money along with the insurance would be devolved to the family.

The joyance of meeting up and the very first converse half open to the old man some queernesses of his relatives’ way of live. But soon after, things are coming to the payoff.

Being described and told about as wonderful his daughters’ life is certainly not the comfortable one, and the perfect family is imaginary. They welter in impecuniosity and are in trouble with police because of drugs. These vicissitudes reflect on their white younger son Daniil who is 7 and stopped talking a year ago. The eldest son black Victor is 14 and perfectly fell in line with criminal world and became remote unscrupulous bastard hating his brother and disrespecting his own mother.

Then the daughter finds out about the diagnosis and tries to help him making arrangements for an examination at the medical university.

Vasiliy bonds with Daniil, who sees the old man as the only congenial soul. Daniil becomes  emotionally attached, makes attempts to trust and eventually reveals his secrets to the grandfather.

As a consequence of disturbing factors gradual concentration the brewing conflict appeared with the old man coming spills over into a considerable controversy. Daughter blames her father for the whole thing and wants Vasiliy to return in Russia.

So he planning to leave and part from the grandson.

But Danila doesn’t want him to go and he breaks into tears as he forebodes a long lasting separation. Being influenced by strong emotional distress, Danila utters several words.

Vasiliy can’t leave his grandson. He perceives no one could help him here, so he moves Danila out hoping to settle down at some distant place. Just live separately till his daughter settles her nerves.

So they leave to Chicago for refunding the return ticket money but were refused. Vasiliy realizes that without any knowledge of the language and local mode of life they will be having rough times. What should they do next?

Having come to a decision they make an overnight stop at a hotel where Daniil finds the invitation to Niagara Falls among some advertising booklets. Vasiliy recalls while being on service he had a visitor- police man from Canada. He spoke Russian and lived on the other shore of the waterfall. They get in touch and fix the meeting. Vasiliy needs an advice.

Unfortunately the happy meeting of former colleagues at the Niagara Falls is interrupted with Vasiliy being taken under arrest because his daughter has informed the police and they have been following him.

Vasiliy is received into a migration prison. Here he gets to know his cell mate who is Mexican and sincerely empathizes Vasiliy. He cares about him and helps with everything. They communicate using signs.

Another ictus of disease leads him to the thought his fast death would resolve many problems at once: formal confirmation of his death, his daughter would receive the insurance and he would be buried in America where his family lives.

Comes out the real chance: among the arrested is the criminal connection of his son-in - an enormous African who feels certain that the very son-in-law has given them in charge.

Vasiliy has a chip on shoulder. But as a consequence his cell mate friend dies trying to protect him. Being smothered in apathy and inner tragedy as the case consideration in the Migration Court is going he asks for sending him back to Russia as soon as possible.

Having arrived at the airport he is surprised with seeing his daughter who is waiting for him. She has brought the analysis results that exclude the possibility of having the terminal disease. The diagnosis isn’t confirmed. Realized her own family wreckage, she resigns the grandson and all entitlements for leaving the country to the old man. Vasiliy feels immeasurable happiness! But destiny won’t release her victims so easily and someone is still to be dead…

Despite the tragical story line, the novel epilogue is full of optimism; it infuses us with hope for joyful family reunion at their Motherland in Russia.

Saint-Petersburg, 2013

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